M100848: ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9.2: Managed device component


This article contains information about how to obtain the ManageSoft for managed devices component of ManageSoft Deployment Manager release 7.9.2, how to install it, and details of the problems that it addresses.


ManageSoft for managed devices release 7.9.2 contains updates to the managed device component of ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9. This release includes a collection of fixes across different functional areas.

Getting ManageSoft for managed devices 7.9.2

To obtain a copy of this Limited Availability release of ManageSoft for managed devices 7.9.2, please contact ManageSoft Support (support@managesoft.com) for assistance.


Refer to the ManageSoft Implementation Guide supplied with release 7.9, or download a more recent copy from the ManageSoft knowledge center.

To uninstall

If necessary, you can uninstall ManageSoft for managed devices:

  1. From the Start menu, select Settings Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs.
  3. From the list of installed programs, select ManageSoft for managed devices.
  4. Click Add/Remove.
  5. Follow the instructions on screen.
  6. Once ManageSoft for managed devices is uninstalled, close the Add/Remove Programs dialog and Control Panel.

Problems addressed

The following problems, listed by CFS number, are addressed by this release:

  • 43398 - Usage agent generates high CPU usage for minutes on startup
  • 47275 - Usage agent tracing is inadequate
  • 47677 - Usage not collected for apps that have a short path in InstallLocation
  • 53794 - Usage agent reports data using $(MachineName) rather than $(MachineId)
  • 54276 - Disabling the usage upload agent
  • 54513 - Security event log generation should be off by default
  • 54514 - Default uploader timeout should be increased
  • 81202 - Want to be able to set CPU priority for mgsusageag.exe


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