M100622: Increasing your managed device event log file

This article describes how to increase the size of the event log file on managed devices if you find that they are being overwritten too quickly.

In some cases, especially if you are running ManageSoft Security Patch Management, the default log file size may be inadequate for the number of events being logged.

A symptom of this is that the contents of the log file and the backup log file are constantly being overwritten and details are lost before the logs can be examined.

To correct this issue, modify the value of the LogFileSize registry key on the managed devices. To modify the value across many managed devices, you can set the registry key in a ManageSoft package and deploy that to the managed devices.

For details of each of the various LogFileSize registry keys available on managed devices, see the alphabetical listing in ManageSoft Reference: Preferences for Managed Devices.


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