M100370: Installing/Configure SQL/Managesoft Database on a different AD forest

This is step by step to install/configure ManageSoft data server on a remote AD server with no trust relationship.

Configuring SQL/Managesoft Database on a different AD forest (with no trust relationship).


Server1: AD (No Trust with Server2)

Server2: AD (No Trust with Server1) 1- Install SQL sever on Server2 with mixed mode 2-Install the warehouse by choosing first the testing and operations model which is needed in order to proceed to the next step which is selecting the warehouse data server only.

3-On the Server1, after all pre-requisites are installed(Except SQL), installed the warehouse server by choosing all models (Packaging Testing and Operations) and choosing the warehouse Web and Core servers which leaves the Data Server shaded out.

Within the last screen of the wizard, you are asked to enter the name of the data server which is in this example Server2 and at the bottom of the screen, you are asked to enter the name of the SQL account and the password. (That will be the sa account or one that has been created by the SQL Admin)

4-Modified the machine.config to change the processmodel from computer to system.

5-Get some test inventories in the Incoming\inventories directory and the tracker resolver shoul work fine but the processing will take a little longer.


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