Q208428: Error 404 received when downloading prerequisite security patches


When choosing the option to "Download and import prerequisite packages" or when attempting to download security patches manually you get a HTTP 404 page not found error


This occurs because Microsoft has changed the URLs for the cab files in the past. Therefore the default values in RayManageSoft may be outdated.


Update the URLs used to download the language specific versions of the mssecure cab files. To make these changes:

  1. Open the Deployment Manager Configuration Console, accessible by
    • Navigating through your Windows Start menu: All programs > Deployment Manager Tools > Configuration > Deployment Manager Configuration
    • Selecting the Deployment Manager Configuration tile from your start screen
  2. Choose the "Configure your Security Management" section
  3. Modify each of the "URL to mssecure.xml" settings
  4. These settings are actually stored under the registry path
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\SecurityPatch\CurrentVersion
The new URLs to use for the 4 languages supported by mssecure are:


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