Q206851: Product Code value removed when editing Advanced properties of a Windows Installer package


If you create a Windows Installer package in Deployment Manager versions prior to 9.0, and then edit the advanced settings, you do not see the two fields in the below screenshot highlighted in red. This will almost certainly occur if the machine you are packing on has a UI Locale of anything other than English (Australia):


This can cause some additional issues, such as, if you edit any of the other three fields in the dialog, it will remove the ProductCode entry from the Installer line in packages *.ndp file, which can result in applications installing correctly via Policy, but remaining in the Expected tab of the Selector.



This is caused by how the product loads the UI dialogs for internationalisation purposes. This is handled in Deployment Manager's ndpme.dll file.



On any machine on which you will be packaging, whether this is the main Admin Server, or a client machine on which the Packaging Factory is installed, please backup the following file:




Note: Please do not simply rename this file to .old or similar. Please backup by removing the file from the Packer folder and placing in another location (C:\Backup Files\ for example)


Then replace this with the version contained within the attached ndpme.rar file


Additional Information

This had been confirmed as a bug and was fixed in later versions of Deployment Manager.



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