Q206141: Is the device architecture stored in a variable?


The managed device agent is able to determine the processor architecture (e.g. x86, x64 etc) for package deployment purposes, is the result of this stored in a variable that can be used by scripts?



Deployment Manager doesn't store the architecture or any other hardware property in a variable, instead it scans for the current value each time it is required. This means that if anything changes Deployment Manager will use the most up to date value
If you need to target via architecture you can create a Deployment Manager package, add you script(s) to the package and then restrict each script by architecture as required (provided that all required architectures are listed in Application Details) this method allows you to use Deployment Manager's existing capabilities to identify the architecture.


Additional Information

While hardware values are not stored by default, some directory references are stored as environment variables e.g. $(AppDir) for the installation path such as C:\Program Files\ManageSoft


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