Q203480: ERROR - The requested address is not valid in its context


During replication on a distribution server you notice that packages exist in the Staging\Common folder but not the LocalDeployment folder and on checking the replag.log you notice an error similar to:
Distribute FAILED - The requested address is not valid in its context.
Distribute FAILED - Failed to create remote directory /ManageSoftDL
Distribute FAILED - An error occurred while transferring data from "C:\ManageSoft\Staging\Common\...<package path and name>" to "<your_distribution_location name>"
Distribute FAILED - An error occurred while distributing package <package_name> to one or more destinations.
Job execution returned error code 0xE0B5009C
Some data above is specific to your environment so your error will have individual data where you see text between < > above.


The error message "The requested address is not valid in its context" is actually a WinSock error message (Windows Socket layer) which is what the replication agent uses to talk to a ManageSoftDL share.
The error usually means the port number / host address is invalid.


Your initial steps to resolving this are:
  1. Navigate to your hierarchy.cfg file (by default in C:\ManageSoft\Repository\DeploymentLocations\Common)
  2. Check the server where the error occurs for incorrect address or port e.g. if an IP address check that it's correct for the server, distribution location and reporting location.
  3. Once you've located the error, make the correction in the Distribution node of the administration server i.e. if it's the distribution location then navigate to Distribution > Distribution Servers > Distribution Locations
  4. Update failover settings for the entire hierarchy.

Once the failover settings have updated the server should now replicate files to the LocalDeployment folder.


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