Q203127: Out of memory error during the polmerge.exe process


The polmerge process fails with a message similar to:
Error "Out of memory." occurred while attempting to access "Microsoft Cursor Engine"
If looking at polmerge.exe in Task Manager it runs at high amount of physical memory and will then crash on reaching 2GB.


The exception is due to the polmerge process failing to allocate memory and as a result the memory usage is high. As it's a 32 bit application the maximum memory the applicaiton can use by default is 2GB and so when the polmerge.exe process reaches this limit it crashes.



On systems where larger amounts of memory are available the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag can be added to polmerge.exe via a utility such as Visual Studio's editbin.exe and this should resolve the issue. Attached to this article are pre-fixed versions of polmerge for 7.9, 7.9.5 and 8.2


Additional Information

This issue was permanently fixed in version 8.4
You can find more information about the 2GB limit and the memory limitations at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg487508.aspx


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