Q202352: Bootstrap settings for AIX and HP-UX clients


This article will describe the differences in deployment of AIX and HP-UX clients comparing to deployment of other Java based non-windows clients like Linux, Solaris and Mac.



The AIX and HP-UX clients follow the same model as the Windows client when it comes to bootstrap settings. These clients only configure a bootstrap download settings during installation and rely on the application of a fail-over settings package (i.e. client settings package) through policy and/or the schedule to set further download URLs and all upload URLs. The upload settings in a mgsft_rollout_response file are ignore on AIX and HP-UX.

The Java base client (Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X) require an upload setting during bootstrap before the client will work. If is for these platforms that the MGSFT_BOOTSTRAP_UPLOAD configuration is present in the mgsft_rollout_response.


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