Q201251: What extensions are tracked by the Managed Device Inventory Agent?


What extensions are tracked by the Managed Device Inventory Agent by default?



The default extension that we track depends on what version of Managed Device agent is in use.
  • In 8.2 and below the default extensions are .exe and .dll files. This occasionally caused bloated db problems due to the large amount of dll files which are no longer used in the ARL for matching to applications see linked article Q201104 for more information.
  • In 8.4, the default extension is .exe only
  • In 8.5, the default extensions we track are .exe, .sys and .sys2. The .sys and .sys2 extensions are useful for tracking IBM applications (with the IBM PURL Blade released with 8.5) which leave these breadcrumbs behind.
Please see below for how to modify this behavior


Additional Information

You can override the default behavior should you like with the IncludeExtension switch, however we don't believe the .sys and .sys2 extensions would cause the same kind of bloated database problems that inventorying .dll files had occasionally caused.

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