M100989: Administration Server version 8.0 patch: Improvements to serial number detection

This patch addresses a problem relating to serial number detection in ManageSoft for Administration servers. This patch may be installed on version 8.0.

Customers should consider deploying this patch if WMI queries for a device's serial number during inventory scanning are returning incorrect or blank results.


To install, run:

msiexec /l*v %TEMP%\MgsKB100989.log /qb- /p MgsKB100989.msp REINSTALL=ALL

Use the additional msiexec parameter REBOOT=ReallySuppressto suppress any reboot at the time of patch installation.

Uninstallation is only possible on Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, or later platforms, or on earlier platforms running Windows Installer 3.0 or later.

Changes made by installing this patch

Installing this patch makes the following changes:

  • Installs a new [INSTALLDIR]\RemoteExecution\Public\Inventory\ndtrack.exe (file version 8.0.1024.4246)
  • Sets the registry entry HKLM\SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Patches\KB100989 = 8.0.1024.4246

Problems fixed by this patch

This patch fixes the following problems:

  • 72888 Need alternative method for getting SerialNumber if unavailable from WMI

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