M100846: ManageSoft Deployment Manager Reboot Agent feature pack: Distribution Server


ManageSoft has released a Reboot Agent feature pack for ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9. It is currently released for Limited Availability. This article contains information about how to obtain the feature pack for distribution servers, how to install the feature pack, and details of the new functionality provided. Introduction

ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9 reboot Agent feature pack contains updates to Deployment Manager 7.9 reboot functionality. It is currently released for Limited Availability. This article provides information about the feature pack for distribution servers. See the "Related articles" section below for information about using the feature pack on other components.

Getting ManageSoft Deployment Manager 7.9 Reboot Agent feature pack

To access this feature pack, please contact ManageSoft Support (support@managesoft.com.au) who will be able to assist you.


The feature pack is supplied as a self extracting executable file. After executing the file to extract the contents, there are three installation options.

  1. The simplest option is to receive the provided ManageSoft package into the ManageSoft software library and deploy it like any other package.

    It is safe to target the package to all devices, as the managed device will automatically determine when and where it actually needs to install the feature pack.

    Using this method logging from the install will be saved in the configured ManageSoft LogFile directory as installation.log and installation.log-msi.

    By default the patch is installed using the /qb- options, and will show a basic user interface with no modal dialog boxes. To install quietly, edit the ManageSoft package, locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Relaunch\CurrentVersion registry key, and append /qn to its MgsMsiArgs registry entry.

  2. To install the service pack directly from the MgsKB100846.msp, run the following command:

    msiexec /l*v %TEMP%\MgsKB100846.log /p MgsKB100846.msp /qb REINSTALL=ALL

  3. To create an administrative install point (AIP) of 7.9 including the feature pack, run the following commands:

    msiexec /a "C:\ManageSoft\Distribution server\Win32\ManageSoft for distribution servers.Msi" TARGETDIR="C:\MDM79RA-DS_AIP" /qb

    msiexec /p MgsKB100846.msp /a "C:\MDM79RA-DS_AIP\ManageSoft for distribution servers.Msi" /qb


There is no option to uninstall this feature pack once it has been installed. To revert a system to use the gold Deployment Manager 7.9 release after the service pack has been installed, you must remove all Deployment Manager components and re-install them.

Problems addressed

The following problems are addressed by this feature pack:

  • 39854 - Ability to repeatedly prompt users to reboot
  • 53652 - Execute a task before and after reboot

Changed files and registry entries

The following files and registry entries will be updated when this feature pack is installed:

  • [INSTALLDIR]\Launcher\reboot.exe (file version 7.144.512.10209)

The following files will be added when this feature pack is installed:

  • [INSTALLDIR]\Common\allcat.de.cat


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