M100729: Error Received When Exporting Data from ManageSoft Reports

When choosing to export reports from the ManageSoft reports page, a "Reporting Services Error" may appear on the screen. This article explains why the message appears and how to fix the problem.

Behavior explanation: Data does not export from ManageSoft reports. Screen displays "Reporting Services Error".


When selecting the option to Export data from ManageSoft reports, the following sample error is displayed:

 Reporting Services Error The item '/ManageSoftRP/compliance/ ComplianceByComputerSummaryList' cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound) Get Online Help 


The ManageSoft reports were not registered with Microsoft Reporting Services during product installation.

Register the Reports

Depending on whether the reports are for the Core product or for Security Patch Management, the steps that follow are slightly different. Please work through the full process to ensure complete functionality.

Perform the following steps to implement the change:

  1. Check the file.
    • Ensure that the file Program Files\ManageSoft\Reporter\Web\Compliance\ ComplianceByComputerSummaryList.aspx is present on the Web Server.
  2. Check Reporting Services.
    • On the SQL Server, make sure you can open Microsoft SQL Server\Reporting Services\Report Manager without errors.
    • From there, you can open the ManageSoftRP link and select any of the reports.
    • Most of them will require parameters to actually load. Here is an example:
      • Licensing \ LicenseUsageSummaryOfDetailsByUser
      • spID = 1
      • SortColumn = DESC
    • Does the report load without errors?
    • If there are errors, make sure Reporting Services is installed without any failures.
  3. Register reports.There are a few ways to register reports. They are noted below.
    • Re-run the ManageSoft installation to locate the Report Registry section. This is the simplest option to register reports in the core ManageSoft product. (Note:This applies to the core ManageSoft product. The Security Patch Management product must be uninstalled and reinstalled.) Here are the individual steps:
      1. Open Add/Remove Programs.
      2. Select ManageSoft for Administration Servers.
      3. Click on Change.
      4. Select the Modify option.
      5. Choose the same options during the installation process as were used for the original installation of ManageSoft.
      6. When the Configure Exportable Reports screen appears, select Register reports.
      7. Enter the user access that worked in the above Report Manager steps.
      8. Click Next and let the process complete.
    • Upload Files in the Reporting Services node.
      1. Open the Report Manager from Reporting Services.
      2. Click on the ManageSoftRP link.
      3. For reports from the core ManageSoft product, select the folders under directory (for a default installation) Program Files\ManageSoft\Reporter\Examples\ PrintableReports. Create a folder for each and add all the files accordingly.
      4. For SPM reports:
        1. Select the folder Compliance.
        2. Now select Upload, and point to the ComplianceByComputerSummaryList file.
        3. You will also need to select all of the other files to be uploaded and registered.
    • Command line use. In the ManageSoft Reference: Configuration (available in your documentation folder in the file Configuration.pdf), the chapter "Configuring reporting" includes a section "Registering ManageSoft reports with Reporting Services". This provides details of command-line registration with Reports Services.


With the .aspx file installed, and with Reporting Services operational, registered reports should now export without errors.


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