M100631: Uninstalling ManageSoft from managed devices via remote execution

Describes how to run a remote task that uninstalls ManageSoft from some or all managed devices. For detailed information on remote execution, refer to the "Discovery and adoption" chapter of the ManageSoft Reference:Configuration guide.

To uninstall Managesoft from managed devices:

  1. Locate the following registry key on one of the managed devices from which you want to uninstall ManageSoft:


  2. Locate the DisplayName entry under the GUID for ManageSoft for Managed Devices:

    DisplayName = ManageSoft for managed devices

    Note: The GUID on each managed device should be the same so you only need to find it out once.

  3. Copy the ModifyPath value which looks like:

    MsiExec.exe /I{YOUR_GUID}

  4. Using the Discovery and Adoption node on your administration server, select some or all of the managed devices from one of the sites where you want to uninstall ManageSoft.
  5. Click Schedule the execution of a command on the device(s) selected below.
  6. Work your way through the Remote Command wizard until the Command selection page is displayed.
  7. Select Custom Command from the drop down box.
  8. Paste the ModifyPath value from the managed device registry setting, then change the "I" to an "X" so that it looks like: MsiExec.exe /X{YOUR_GUID}
  9. Add any extra parameters such as /qn to make the uninstall silent. You can find settings by searching on the web.
  10. Run the command to uninstall ManageSoft from the selected managed devices.


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