M100602: Solaris - Missing MAC address information in hardware inventory

When Solaris managed devices are configured with DHCP, hardware inventories may not report the MAC address for the adapters.Missing MAC address information in hardware inventory ManageSoft relies on the Solaris WBEM services to obtain inventory data. This is performed by connecting to the CIM Object Manager (CIMOM) and querying for the necessary data. It is a known issue that in certain circumstances, hardware inventory fails to gather the machine MAC address. This is not a limitation in the ManageSoft client but a failure in the Solaris WBEM services. Solaris WBEM services will fail to obtain MAC address information if the DHCP server is not properly configured for the client machine to obtain its machine name and IP address via DHCP. To resolve this issue, ensure that the DHCP server is correctly configured and accessible by the client.inventory


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