M100543: Rollback of security patches needs ndtask

Rollback of some security patches may not be successful when ManageSoft for managed devices is configured to use the Microsoft task scheduler (mstask) for schedule events. Customers should use our own task scheduler (ndtask) instead.

Most policy updates occur via an update policy schedule event which is initiated by a task scheduler, and rollback of security patches may occur if they fall out-of-scope from policy and are flagged to be removed. The ManageSoft task scheduler is able to successfully rollback security patches and has some other benefits, such as the ability to display a user interface when running computer schedule events as LocalSystem.

To configure managed devices to use ndtask you should set the scheduling agent registry key 'NativeScheduler' to 'ndtask' via the 'mgssetup.ini' file used for installation.

eg. in 'mgssetup.ini':

[Schedule Agent] desc0 = NativeScheduler val0 = ndtask It is not yet known why the Microsoft task scheduler causes this problem.


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