Q213720: Solaris Managed Device upload error - URIException: invalid port number


If Solaris agents can download but not upload check /var/opt/managesoft/etc/upload.xconf or in the lastupload.xconf file in the same path. The exception for this problem will state:

Caused by: org.apache.commons.httpclient.URIException: invalid port number


This is often caused by one of the entries in the [last]upload.xconf file having part of a URL miss-interpreted as a port number. This is usually around the colon character. A typical cause of this problem is when credentials are supplied for the upload location. There is a defect in pre 8.4.1 clients which do not treat encoded passwords correctly if the password has a colon character in its encrypted and base-64 encoded form.



Upload credentials do not work in pre 8.4.1 versions of the Solaris and Linux clients. If the customer wishes to use upload credentials, they will need to upgrade their client. Once upgraded, the upload URLs within the upload.xconf and lastupload.xconf files must be of the form:
http://username:encpassword@server:port/ManageSoftRL where encpassword is the encrypted and URL-Safe Base64 encoded password.

The encrypted and URL-Safe Base64 encoded password can be obtained as follows:

  • Take the encrypted and non-URL-Safe Base64 encoded password from the fail-over settings package (e.g. C:\ManageSoft\LocalDeployment\ClientSettings\FailOverSettings\Core Distribution Server\Core Distribution Server.ndc.gz) or the heirarchy.cfg (e.g. C:\ManageSoft\Repository\DeploymentLocations\Common\hierarchy.cfg).
    For example, "FRk40djO/0Q="

  • Make this encrypted and Base64 encoded password URL-Safe by replacing all / (forward-slash) characters with _ (underscore) and all + (plus) characters with - (minus).
    For example, "FRk40djO_0Q="

  • Use this modified password to create the URL. For example, https://george:FRk40djO_0Q=@myds.mgsft.com/ManageSoftRL/

Additional Information

Failover settings packages applied through policy or a scheduled task will be automatically converted into this required URL form.

If further diagnosis of the problem is required, please send us a copy of the the upload.xconf and lastupload.xconf files from /var/opt/managesoft/etc.


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