Q213500: Download file digest is incorrect after distributing a package


After distributing a package the installation.log on the DS or agent shows error:
Downloaded file digest is incorrect digest should be xxxxxx12345
Where xxxxxx12345 above is a random string representing the MD5 checksum of the package.


This is usually caused by the _metapkg.ndc file (which transfers the actual package referenced by the normal .ndc file for distribution purposes) being out of sync with the package contents. To debug this further you need tocheck the contents of "\Staging\Common\Packages\<package_name>" from each of the distribution servers in the chain. This will identify where files are out of synch.



To fix this, the customer could delete the contents of the \Staging\Common folder and the \ManageSoft\Distribution folder on the child node DS and then redistribute all packages to them from the Admin Server.
This does mean some of their packages will be unavailable from the distribution server for a while, however it is effectively like doing a complete reset and should stop the error allowing distribution to take place.


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