Q207616: Adding files in a package


When I create a package in Deployment Manager is there a way after installation you can copy 2 config files?


For example, in Deployment Manager I have successfully created a Microsoft Synctoy Package. After installation I want to be able to copy 2 configuration files.

Currently, the location is "%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\SyncToy\2.0" Is there a way to do this within the package? As you know the %username% is for every different user.



Installing the files into $(AppDataFolder)\Micrsosoft\<packagename>\2.0, however be aware the package would need to be installed via user policy so the file ends up in the users Application Data folder and not the SYSTEM Application Data folder.

Another thing to consider is making a separate package containing the two files, add a prerequisite on the Synctoy package which may be in machine policy and then put this new separate package in user policy.


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