Q201187: Compress with file short name issue when distributing ManageSoft packages


If there are two files in the same source folder of a package. For example, one file is called logger.man, the other file is called logger~1. The machine is using short file name and the package has "compress file for distribution" option selected.

Double click on the .osd file for the package under staging/command folder will result in the error below in the installation log:
Download OK for "xxxxx/logger.man.gz"
Downloaded file size is incorrect, should be xxxxx


Once compressed, the short file name for "logger.man.gz" is "logger~1.gz" which is the same file name once logger~1 is compressed (logger~1.gz). It end up the contents of logger.man.gz is overwritten by the contents of logger~1.gz. And the logger~1.gz will not appear in the folder after compression.



  1. Change one of the file name so the short file names for both files will not be the same. If these are part of the msisource for a msi package, the msi file has to be changed to reflect the file name change.
  2. Distributing without compression does not resolve the problem in this case - files are still clashing


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