M101041: Managed device version 8.2 patch: Usage agent may not track all applications when a corrupt package is found


This patch updates the Managed device usage agent to fix a defect when a corrupt Windows Installer package is found on the system. As the usage agent enumerated all components installed on a computer, if one of them was found to be corrupt, the usage agent would stop loading any further products and just track usage of those products it has loaded up until the corrupt component was encountered. With this update, the usage agent will instead simply skip and log the corrupt component and continue building the product cache, so that usage of all products will be tracked except those that are corrupt.

This patch is applicable for versions 8.2 to 8.2.2 of Deployment Manager for managed devices. The patch updates the Deployment Manager usage agent components usageagent.dll and mgsmsilist.exe.



To install, run:

MgsKB101041.exe or

msiexec /l*v %TEMP%\MgsKB101041.log /qb- /p MgsKB101041.msp REINSTALL=ALL MGSPATCHFIRST=TRUE MGSPATCHLAST=TRUE

Use the additional msiexec parameter REBOOT=ReallySuppress to suppress any reboot at the time of patch installation.

Uninstallation is only possible on Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, or later platforms, or on earlier platforms running Windows Installer 3.0 or later.


Changes made by installing this patch

  • Updates file in [INSTALLDIR]\Security Agent\plugins (file version 8.32.768.7217)
    • mgsusageag.dll
  • Updates file in [INSTALLDIR]\Usage Agent (file version 8.32.768.7217)
    • mgsmsilist.exe
  • Sets the registry entry HKLM\SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Patches\KB101041 = 8.32.768.7217


Problems fixed by this patch

  • Usage agent may not track all applications when a MSI is corrupt


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