M100985: Managed device version 8.2 patch: Peer-to-Peer and Reboot issues

This patch addresses multiple issues in ManageSoft for managed devices and ManageSoft for distribution servers. This patch may be installed on version 8.2.


To install, run:

msiexec /l*v %TEMP%\MgsKB100985.log /qb- /p MgsKB100985.msp REINSTALL=ALL

A simple external installer ManageSoft package has been created to deploy the patch. Both the MSP file and the Managesoft package are contained in the attached file Mgs100985.zip.

A reboot is required to complete the installation if ManageSoft is installing a package at the time the patch is installed. In that case, the reboot does not have to be performed immediately, but the issue will not be resolved until the reboot is performed. Use the additional msiexec parameter REBOOT=ReallySuppress to suppress any reboot at the time of patch installation. If the patch is deployed via an external installer-based ManageSoft package, Windows Installer will return a non-0 exit code if a reboot is required. ManageSoft will typically interpret that as an installation failure. If the patch installation really did succeed, the installation should be reported as a success after the next policy update.

Uninstallation is only possible on Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, or later platforms, or on earlier platforms running Windows Installer 3.0 or later.

Changes made by installing this patch

Installing this patch makes the following changes:

  • Installs a new [INSTALLDIR]\Launcher\mgsdl.exe (file version
  • Installs a new [INSTALLDIR]\Launcher\reboot.exe (file version
  • Installs a new [INSTALLDIR]\Common\allcat.de.cat
  • Sets the registry entry HKLM\SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Patches\KB100985 =

Administration Server updates

The new reboot functionality can be enabled on managed devices and distribution servers using a number of preferences. These preferences can be configured using a "Managed Device Settings" package. To make the new settings available in the "Managed Device Settings" node of the Administration Server console, customers need to use the file MD.xml attached to this article. To apply this file, copy MD.xml into the path [REPOSITORY DIR]\Configuration\ManagedDevices.

The new preferences added in this patch include:

  • RebootForceWindowToTop - If set to True, the reboot dialog is a top-most window for the final "countdown" phase of the dialog sequence. Default is False
  • RebootShowShutdown - If set to True, show a "Shutdown" button as well as the existing "Reboot" button. Default is False

The changes to preferences include:

  • RebootContinueAfterCmdFailure - This key is now correctly stored and loaded from the registry and command line. Previously this was stored in the incorrect registry value "Launcher\CurrentVersion\Reboot". It was also incorrectly loaded from the command line option "-o RebootContinueAfterFailure"


Problems fixed by this patch

This patch fixes the following problems:

  • 72721 Peer to peer lockup on pathnames differing only by case
  • 73450 Enhancements to reboot.exe
  • 72174 preference RebootContinueAfterFailure is set up incorrectly in MD.xml


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