M100980: Known and addressed problems in OS Deployment Manager release 8.2

This article contains two tables. The first lists customer-related problems that were addressed in the 8.2 release of OS Deployment Manager. The second lists known problems in the release. For more information, talk with your ManageSoft consultant.

Problems Addressed

The following problems have been repaired in OS Deployment Manager release 8.2.



OS Deployment  
54979 CSPM not initiated by ApplyMachinePolicy.vbs
OS imaging
53461 Postwork processing may fail if UAC is enabled on Vista
54561 WinPE images can only be imported in to WiDep once
57319 HTTP authentication fails if username contains a domain name
58688 Disk partitioning tool may incorrectly report a drive mapping error
54672 Upload of RolloutStatus &ampamp OSMigrationLog files to AS via HTTP may fail

Known Problems



Computer name mapping

30903 Machine naming page uses old computer names until AD reconcile is done
30968 Discovery data cannot be imported through UI if NNM is on a separate box
57869 Obscure failures reported handling images larger than 4GB
OS imaging
41670 OMC download failure ignored by DownloadOSMigrationConfigurationFile
45649 HTTP WiDep traffic does not support Windows Authentication
54530 User logged on and console is accessible during postwork processing
54840 WiDep7.2 PostWork uploads fail to 7.8.1+ admin server
55097 Bootstrap location may be set to C:\Stage when installing pre-staged pkg
75471 Missing drive configuration when importing an unattended image

Rollout configuration management

31116                  Can get circular references to OS image folders using 2 consoles at once


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