M100850: Known problem: Recently posted bulletins shown with a "Unknown / Not Analyzed" status


This article describes a known problem with reports in ManageSoft Security Manager releases 7.9 and earlier that may result in the status of recently posted or revised bulletins always being reported with a status of "Unknown" or "Not Analyzed".


This article applies to situations where a bulletin was posted or last updated on the same day as the most recent wsusscan.cab file that has been downloaded from Microsoft in to the Security Manager system. Such a bulletin may be reported:

  • With an "Unknown" compliance status in the "Summary for security bulletins applied to managed devices" report and a "Not Analyzed" status when drilling down from that report to the "Unknown compliance summary report for security bulletins applied to managed devices" or
  • With a "Not Analyzed" status in the "Security patch compliance summary for managed devices" report or
  • With a "Not Analyzed" status in the "Compliance for security bulletins applied to managed device" report (the date of the "Analysis Data Source Date" and the "Revised/Posted On" value shown in this report will be the same in this situation).


The incorrect reporting is caused by a defect in the Security Manager system that fails to correctly handle the situation where the date on which a bulletin is posted or revised is the same as the date on which the wsusscan.cab file was last updated.

See the Related articles section below for a link to another article which describes a broader range of possible causes of symptoms where bulletins are reported with an "Unknown / Not Analyzed" status.


The ZIP file attached to this article contains some SQL scripts which can be used to install updated queries that are used by the relevant reports to correct this issue. Execute the relevant script for your version of Security Manager using SQL Query Analyzer or SQL Server Management Studio:

  • For Security Manager 7.7.x, execute kb100850-7.7.sql
  • For Security Manager 7.8.1, execute kb100850-7.8.1.sql
  • For Security Manager 7.9, execute kb100850-7.9.sql

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