M100308: ManageSoft does not support site-level group policy

This document describes why ManageSoft will not support site-level group policy.

Site-level policies are those policies that are linked to a site, not an Organizational Unit or Domain.

The process of linking policy to a Site, however, is identical to that of linking policy to an OU or Domain. Although you are able to create a new policy for Site and add ManageSoft packages and schedules to it, they will not be recognized.

For example, if you were to:

  1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services
  2. Select a Site and created a new policy
  3. Attach the following:
    • DPE: Schedule, Packages (Mandatory)
    • Intellimirror: Manage Device MSI

You would find that only the Intellimirror selection would be successful. The ManageSoft policy merge would not work.


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