M100286: ssh via socks to external machines

Brief notes on getting ssh access from inside the company to external machines, using socks.

PuTTY latest release versions (after Apr 27th) contain support for socks v4 and v5. You need to configure the proxy pane in PuTTY with our proxy server settings first. (If you don't have the proxy config pane you don't have a version of PuTTY supporting SOCKS.)

This is the simplest form of access and requires nothing else. PuTTY 2002-06-26 was tested to work on 26Jun02 BC, works with both SOCKS v4 and v5 (despite comments to the contrary in the PuTTY code?). If you have access to bradbury you can also use the command: socksify ssh external.machine.com If it fails use the -v option to display what is happening: socksify ssh -v external.machine.com Our internal socks server is Dante. Check out details on socks proxy settings at: http://intra.mgsft/com/cit/infra/proxy

Notes: 1. Bradbury config file for Dante socksify client is /etc/dante.conf NOT /etc/socks.conf as stated by man socksify.


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