M100012: Order and priority of managed device ManageSoft preferences on managed devices

ManageSoft preferences can be set in several locations on managed devices. Each location has a priority depending on the order in which the locations are read.

ManageSoft for preferences on managed devices are read in the following order with increasing priority:

  • ManageSoft built-in defaults
  • Preferences from the GlobalConfigSource Registry settings file
  • Machine Registry settings, taken from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\
  • User Registry settings, taken from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\
  • Persistent settings from previous ManageSoft application installations. Managed devices retain the values assigned to project variables when a package is installed. The next time an action occurs for the same package, ManageSoft uses the same project variable values, unless you specify different values for the project variables on the command line.
  • Command line arguments
  • OSD files (which contain settings explicitly set for the package using the ManageSoft software warehouse packaging feature)

Preferences stored in Registry entries can also be defined as fixed. For fixed entries, any further changes to those preferences (in the order of precedence) will be ignored.


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