RFL200026: RayFlow 1.10.x SLA Feature

The pre-1.10 Schedules menu has been changed to SLA Configuration.  Accessing that menu loads the SLAs page: 



The SLAs page lists existing SLA’s, allowing their events to be configured. 

The [New] button allows you to create new SLA’s. 

The [Duplicate] button allows you to create a copy of an existing SLA. 

The [Edit] button allows you to define the SLA’s targeted phases and statuses.


SLA Calculation Modes


Date    Each phase needs a start and end date.  SLA calculation is based on the # days between the start & end dates, excluding weekends. 


Workday    Each phase needs to have a days value.  SLA calculation is based off of the WorkingHours basic configuration property, excluding hours outside of that period as well as weekends. 

The value of this property is expected to be in the format hh:mm-hh:mm, i.e. 08:00-18:00. This defines the beginning and the end of a work day. Weekends are excluded from the calculation. Any time a package spends in a phase which is not in the working hours is also excluded, i.e. a package enters a status at 7:00 and leaves it at 10:00, the SLA time for this action will be only 2h.


Project    The total project days should be divided into X # days per phase.  SLA calculation is similar to that used by the Workday mode; however, project days are accumulated throughout the workflow. 

E.g. you have a SLA configuration with project days, 3 phases with 5 project days each. A package goes through the phases and spends one full day in each phase. In phase 1 5 days are allowed until SLA is violated, in phase 2 it’s 9 days (+4 days left from phase 1) and in phase 3 it’s 13 days (+4 days left from phase 2).



SLA Settings


After pressing either the [Edit] or [New] button from within the SLAs page, the SLA Settings page is displayed: 



Visual Alert

The visual alert defines at which amount of remaining SLA days the status will switch from green to orange. The status will then switch from orange to red at 0 days left.

I.e. if the visual alert is set to 3 days the status will be green if remaining SLA days > 3, orange if 0 < remaining SLA days <= 3 and red if remaining SLA days <= 0.


Counting Settings

Entire phases or just some statuses in a phase can be excluded from the SLA calculation. If a phase is deselected no SLA will be calculated even if something was setup in the overview screen.



Calculator Setup


  • Create a scheduled task that targets the “path\RayFlowServer\SLACalculator\RayflowSLACalculator.exe“ file. 
  • If only certain projects should be targeted, then their ProjectID’s should be entered into the scheduled tasks arguments field, seperated by a space. 
  • If RayFlow was installed using the minimal database option, then the following two Custom Fields need to be created: 



The Order value can be different.  It may also be necessary to enable these fields in the phase view for clean installs. 

If RayFlow was installed using the default database option, then these fields will need to be made active (one SLA field will already be active): 




Upgrading from a pre-1.10 version


Change the queries for the two SLA Calculation custom fields (their names will possibly be different than the ones shown above) so that they use the above mentioned queries if the customer wishes to use the new SLA Configuration functions. 



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