RFL200013: RMS Importer for RayFlow



The RMS Importer for RayFlow allows packages that have successfully passed through a RayFlow projects workflow phases, and is now at either the UAT or DEP phase (depending on when the customer wishes to first submit the package into a deployment environment), to be imported into the RayManageSoft Software LIbrary. 


The importer utilises RMS command line executables.  



1          Prerequisites


RayFlow Web Server 1.7 or later, and RayFlow Client 3.0.960.14 or later. 


The RayFlow Client must be run from a machine that also has the Deployment Manager Administration Server (DMAS) Console installed (either the Core Server itself or a machine running a remote console). 


You must be logged onto this machine with an account that has administrative rights on the Core Server as well as at least Read rights to the share where the package’s MSI resides.



2          Implementation

2.1       Client

On a machine running the DMAS Console, place the RayFlowClient installation directory inside either the %ProgramFiles%\Raynet or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Raynet folders, depending on OS architecture. 


Extract the attached RMS.7z file and then place the RMS directory inside the path\Raynet\ folder. 



2.1.1         BAT File


Within the path\Raynet\RMS\ directory, there are four BAT files, one for each OS architecture and DMAS Console location: 








The relevant BAT file should be modified to match the environment that it will be run from, and the other three files should then be deleted:-


RayManageSoft_CoreServer = <drive letter>

RayManageSoft_RemoteConsole = <drive letter> and <FQDN, IP, or NetBIOS of Core Server>



2.2       Server


Log into the RayFlow Web Server with a RayFlow admin account, and then go to “Configuration > Tools”.  Select the phase that you wish to run the RMS Importer for RayFlow from, and then enter the following information: 


Name = RMS <scenario>

Full Name = RMS Importer for RayFlow

Description = Import packages into RMS

Flow = Do not check

Wait = Check

Context menu = Check

No window = Check

Context name = <scenario> - Import '{0}' to RMS

Icon = RayFlowConfig\icons\Tools\rayMGS.png

Path = ..\RMS\<name>.bat


Order = 0, 1, 2 or 3 depending upon the order you wish to have the tolls listed.  


NOTE:  <scenario> should be replaced by either CS_x64, CS_x86, RC_x64 or RC_x86.  If the project does not use PACKAGEPATH, then replace that argument with the one that it does use, for instance PACKAGEFILE. 




3          Usage


Log into the RayFlow Client and accept its new configuration after selecting the project. 


Move a package from the projects workflow until it reaches the phase that is associated with the RMS Importer for RayFlow tool. 

After accepting that package task, right-click it and choose “Tools > <scenario> - Import '<package name>' to RMS”. 



A command window will appear, displaying the tools progress. 



Once the package has been imported, the ASDM Console will be opened at its Software Library snapin.  If a remote console is being used, a login screen will appear first unless it was configured to save the users credentials. 





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