RPK200074: RayPack 1.3

Title: RPK200074: RayPack 1.3
Type: -


  • App-V 4.6 support has been added
  • Windows Installer Patch (MSP) generation
  • COM extraction and Self-registration have been added
  • Import registry directly into component
  • New merge modules content viewer

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2014-Dec
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Applies to Version(s): -
Obsoletes: RayPack 1.2 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues: none
Installation Instructions: -
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.): complete product
Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:


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See Release Notes document for more details

Verification Hash (SHA1): -
Download Location: For download information of older versions, please contact our support team by writing an email to support@raynet.de or call under GER: +49-(5251)-54009-200 or US: +1-(888)-385-8951.


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