RVY200092: RayVentory 10.4

Title: RVY200092: RayVentory 10.4
Type: Minor Release


  • RayVentory Server is the centric component of RayVentory Infrastructure. It acts as the data endpoint, holding the database and can be used as the initiator of the network discovery and remote trigger of the inventory collection
  • RayVentory Portal is the user entry point which allows an admnistrator to define one or serveral projects with specific end user configurations
  • RayVentory for OS Inventory is the component that collects Hardware and Software inventory of the computer operating environment
  • RayVentory for vSphere Inventory is the component which allows inventory of VMware vSphere infrastructure.
  • RayVentory for Oracle Inventory is the component which allows inventory of Oracle databases and database components

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2015-Jan
Requirements: For the requirements refer to the Release Notes document
Applies to Version(s): -
Obsoletes: RayVentory 10.2
Restrictions/Known Issues: none
Installation Instructions: For detailed installation instructions refer to the Release Notes document
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.): complete product
Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:

See Release Notes document for details

Verification Hash (SHA1): -
Download Location:
FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: rayventory-kd
Password: QLMwJ2!



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