RPK200057: Error Code 1919 due to TypeLib settings

Affected Versions 

RayPack 2.0.5489.125


Error Code 1919 



By default RayPack converts registry entries from repackaged delta file into TypeLib table where applicable. Due to an Windows Installer bug some registration may fail on install with error code 1919.

Note: According to Microsoft, using TypeLib table is not recommended:

Installation package authors are strongly advised against using the TypeLib table. Instead of using the TypeLib table, register type libraries by using Registry table. If an installation using the TypeLib table fails and must be rolled back, the rollback may not restore the computer to the same state that existed prior to the rollback.



Currently there are two possibilities to work around this issue

  • Workaround 1: create the MSI from RCP again, but with Advertising settings disabled in the current profile (RayPack > Settings > Repackaging > MSI Output > Advertising). Note that this setting prevents advertised tables from being created automatically by RayPack.
  • Workaround 2: create the MSI from RCP again, but with disabled TypeLib setting. This can be achieved by going to the current profile (About > Troubleshooting > Open profiles folder), edit the profile and change <FillTypeLib>true</FillTypeLib> from true to false.


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