RVY200865: RayVentory 12.6

Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.6


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • Support for TCPS in ORATRACK [RVP-2109] [RVP-2116] [ZEN-23225]
  • More flexibility in file scans and symbolic links (UNIX Zero-Touch) [RVP-2032] [ZEN-20242]
  • Enhanced logic of scheduled uploads [RVP-2102] [ZEN-24161] [ZEN-23470]
  • Online browser-based product documentation [RVP-2108]
  • BIOS release date is now scanned and displayed in the UI [RVP-2105] [ZEN-23999]

Security Improvements:

  • The bundled component curl for Windows was updated to version 8.0.1. This update ensures that the RayVentory Agent performs optimally and is compatible with the latest features and security enhancements. [RVP-2039] [ZEN-23032] 12.5 UPDATE 3
  • In this build, all OSS libraries which were previously not signed are now digitally signed. [RR3257] [RR-3448] [ZEN-19870] [RVP-2073] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • Fixed a security issue “Unquoted Service Path Enumeration”, where the path to the HTTP upload service executable was saved without enclosing it in quotes. [RVP-1980]

Other Improvements and Changes:

  • Scanner hypervisors have been added to the devices and duplicates will now be removed automatically. [RVS-117] [ZEN-15089]
  • INVENTORY AGENT: Scheduled log-on and log-off actions for Horizon are now deactivated by default. Users can reactivate these actions by modifying the configuration file and uncommenting the relevant sections as needed. [RVP-2079]
  • Starting from this version, the inventory scans no longer reports the Ubuntu host ID as a fallback value in case other methods fail. Additional details regarding this adjustment can be found in this article. [RVP-2098] [ZEN-24026]
  • In situations where the tnsnames.ora file contains malformed content, the system will now generate a warning rather than raising an error. This modification has been implemented to reduce the number of false positives associated with files that serve as stubs or examples and
    do not conform to the file's specification. [RVP-1626] [ZEN-17838]
  • ORATRACK: Introduced a new command-line parameter, ignoreOraDBCertificateErrors=true which empowers users to explicitly bypass server certificate validation. [RVP-2113]
  • We've made significant improvements to the device updating process, particularly when scanning multiple devices with large databases simultaneously. This ensures data consistency and offers a better user experience. [RVP-2065] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • RayVentory agent now supports time zones for schedule calculations, enabling more accurate and convenient scheduling options for users. [RVP-2052] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • INVENTORY AGENT: A fallback method which is used if netstat is not available to directly retrieve the default gateway information for each known and used network adapter has been implemented. [RVP-1823] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • The Win32_Process class and multiple default properties have been added to the default wmitrack.ini. [RVP-2017] [RVP-2018] [ZEN-20886] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • Improved performance of non-Windows zero touch scans, achieved by optimized behavior of process scanning. [RVP-1880] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • The logging for the RIW file scan when configured in the custom configuration file has been improved. [RVP-1991] [ZEN-20399] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • New functionality that removes old inventory files associated to a device once a new inventory comes via any inventory method has been implemented. [RVP-2020] [ZEN-20898] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • It is now possible to get database names and table names for Microsoft SQL databases. [RVP2033] [ZEN-19195] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • Various minor updates of the French translation. [RVP-2055]
Date Published: 2023/9/27
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.6 User Guide.


Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.6


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • More Cloud Connectors for Expanded Visibility and More Reliable Insights [RR-3461] [RR-3676]
  • A New View to See Executed and Upcoming Tasks [RR-2957]
  • Visualize Dependencies to Get Better Insights into
    How Changes or Vulnerabilities Affect Your Entire Infrastructure [RR-3715]
  • New and Updated Dashboards for Better Visibility and Faster Insights [RR-3756]
  • Improve Data Reliability with Validation Checks [RR-3680]
  • More Options For Transformation Steps [RR-3557] [ZEN-20984] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • Improved Reports and Dashboard Link Sharing [RR-3568]
  • Better User Interface for Improved User Experiences [RR-3717]
  • Enhanced Technology Catalog Connector [RR-3230]
  • Better Performance for Faster Insights [RR-3618] [RR-3600] [RR-3737] [ZEN-23196] [RR-3805] [ZEN-21536] [ZEN-24156]
  • New Metadata Fields for Tasks [RR-3459] [RR-3460] [ZEN-20947] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server Collector Can Now Return More Than One Table [RR-3895]
  • Online browser-based product documentation [RR-3288]

Security Improvements:

  • Updated vulnerable libraries of transitive dependencies in Cloud connectors. [KOT-338] [RR-3723] 12.5 UPDATE 4
  • Updated library datatables.net to version 1.10.23+ to eliminate the potential software vulnerability CVE-2020-28458. [RR-3466] [ZEN-21063] [ZEN-21397] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • Resolved various issues with the delegation of authentication to the external identity provider. This change should have a visible change, in terms of less flickering and screen changes, when the user gets authenticated. [RR-3617] [ZEN-21156] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • Fixed a problem with possible escalation of permissions in the REST API for e-mail templates. [RR-3214]
  • Resolved a possible SQL injection in the RAW tables API. [RR-3916]
  • Added a password check to ensure that users choose strong passwords that meet password security requirements. This feature can be activated by editing the property passwordFormat in the appsettings.json file. [RR-3629] [ZEN-21156] 12.5 UPDATE 3.

Other Improvements:

  • Connectors like Microsoft SQL Server and PowerShell can now hint Data Hub about the desired options for a column (for example, whether it should be treated as a Primary Key, Unique or with an index). This can be achieved by returning a special suffix appended to the column name. [RR-3889]
  • We changed the default color scheme to make bar and pie chart elements more distinguishable. [RR-3538] 12.5 UPDATE 1
  • Adjusted the "Hardware overview" and added a navigation link, making it easier for users to access important information. [RR-3659] 12.5 UPDATE 3
  • Added the ability to retrieve the value of a custom attribute set on a product/publisher from the legacy RayVentory Catalog. Additionally, there are several other minor changes and internal improvements. [RR-3660] [RR-3653] 12.5 UPDATE 3
  • Changed the navigation links in the Software Asset Management, making it easier for users to access important information. [RR-3668] 12.5 UPDATE 3
  • Based on user feedback, we extended and/or clarified several sections of the product documentation, plus provided more background information for specific use cases. [RR-1908] [RR-3654] [RR-3492] [RR-3491] [RR-3697] [RVS-121] [RVS-142] [RVP-2083] [RVP-2064] [RVP-2068] [RR-3246] [RR-3604] [RVP-2022] [RR-3501] [RR-3727] 12.5 UPDATE 4
  • The selection of the default tenants has been improved (KeyCloak managed sign-in). There is now a new setting InitialTenant which can route new users upon creation to a specific tenant. [RR-3699] 12.5 UPDATE 4
  • Improved performance of joining the data during the transformation task. 12.5 UPDATE 5
  • The default logging level on Docker-based build is now warning. This means that by default only critical errors and warning will be logged, and the other messages (including info, debug or verbose texts) will be discarded. [RR-3778] 12.5 UPDATE 5
  • A series of changes and improvements in the following connectors:
    o Asana: Extended user and event data. [KOT-209] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Azure Compute Inventory: Adjusted default parameters. [KOT-237] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Box: Correct spelling of parameters. [KOT-278] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o CrowdStrike Falcon: Upgraded deprecated device details endpoint. [KOT-334] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Google Cloud Compute: Adjusted IP output, region and project separation. [KOT-165] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o IBM ILMT: new date parameter and dynamic date calculation. [KOT-261] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Kubernetes: Add Environment information for Containers. [KOT-210] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Okta: Added support for logs endpoint. [KOT-223] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Improved display names in several Microsoft, ServiceNow and VMware connectors. [KOT-222] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Microsoft Azure connectors now receive subscriptionId for all targets. [KOT-212] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Microsoft Azure Active Directory now supports SignInActivity. [KOT-269] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Microsoft Azure Compute Inventory: Parameter workspace id has been changed to a list. [KOT-221] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Microsoft Office 365: Request periods for AppUserDetail has been increased from 30 to 90 days. [KOT-240] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Proxmox: Server table has been renamed to Metric. [KOT-241] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o SAP BTP: Endpoint cloudCreditsDetails now returns all phases. [KOT-242] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Zoom: Support for OAuth. [KOT-250] 12.5 UPDATE 4
    o Added the parameter account_list in the aws.ec2 and aws.rds connectors. [KOT-126] 12.5  UPDATE 2
    o In the connectors aws.ec2, aws.rds and aws.s3, AWS China is now available. [KOT-110]  12.5 UPDATE 2
    o JAMF Pro can now report the application usage and extension attributes. Additionally, the description and the in-app help texts have been updated. [KOT-176] [KOT-204] [KOT-171] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o The microsoft.azure.computeinventory connector can now fetch data from multiple workspaces. [KOT-124] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o It is possible to ignore certificate errors in the nutanix connector. [KOT-162] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o The kubernetes connector now reports information about worker or master node. [KOT-202] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o The microsoft.azure.compute connector now reports dedicated hosts and host groups in the
    virtual_machines table. [KOT-177] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o The performance of the Microsoft Azure Computer connector has been improved. [KOT-188] [KOT-193] [KOT-200] [KOT-205] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o Various improvements in the Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure AQL, and Microsoft Intune connectors. [KOT-169] [KOT-150] [KOT-178] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o Updated the connector description of the qualys connector. [KOT-187] 12.5 UPDATE 2
    o The SAP.BTP connector now reports month and year for the usage data. [KOT-215] 12.5       UPDATE 2
    o Various improvements of the schema and descriptions of fields in the servicenow.licensedata and servicenow.table connectors. [KOT-180] [KOT-175] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • The name of the group column for the “group” step is now optional. When omitted, this extra column is not added anymore. In previous versions, the name was required and there was no way to opt-out from the extra count column. [RR-3609] [ZEN-20889] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • In the Data Hub API, it is now possible to get the results in the JSON format (depending on the value of the Accept header). [RR-3584] 12.5 UPDATE 2
  • In this build, we have added support for the French localization of the user interface. This is a preview feature. [RR-3476] 12.5 UPDATE 2
Date Published: 2023/9/27
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Data Hub 12.6 User Guide.



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