RTS200862: Release Notes: RayQC Advanced 7.3.5243.53 [Update 3]

Title: RTS200862: Release Notes: RayQC Advanced 7.3.5243.53 [Update 3]

Disctinction between “source” and “target” Citrix App Layering items [RTS-2532] [RTS-2537] [RTS-2539]

We have enhanced the Test Wizard for Citrix App Layering items to align more closely with traditional package testing methodologies. In this release, you now have the ability to independently define source layers and target layers, which empowers you to conduct thorough and concentrated conflict testing. This enhancement facilitates in-depth what-if analysis, allowing you to assess whether a newly imported layer will function correctly with either all layers or a specific subset.


Other Changes and Improvements:

  • Loading of tests results on the last page of the Test wizard is now much faster. [RTS-2535]
  • Within the Test Wizard, the "Issues" page has been updated to display an additional column containing names of conflicting target packages when conducting conflict testing (this functionality supports both MSI and Citrix App Layering tests). [RTS-2536]

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue with failed tests for duplicated Component identifier in MSI packages. [RTS-2534]
  • Fixed an issue where Registry keys were not loading properly for Citrix App Layering tests. This problem resulted in erroneous reports of false positives when testing two or more application layers. [CIT-294] [RTS-2538]
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated folder names appearing in the Library after importing a package using the PowerShell cmdlet. [RTS-2474]
  • Fixed an issue regarding the last update timestamp not refreshing properly. [RTS-2485] [ZEN-21124] [ZEN-22293]
  • Fixed an issue with incomplete SQL script for manual database setup. [RTS-2529] [ZEN-22554]
  • Fixed minor issues with localized UI texts. [RPK-1453] [RPK-4786]
Date Published:


Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install RayQC Advanced follow the instructions in the RayQC Advanced User Guide

Download Location:

FTP Server: file.raynet.de
User: raypackstudio-kd
Password: 74(4346fU342


Download from Raynet FTP


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