RMSUEM200855: Release Notes: RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.0

Title: RMSUEM 200855: RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.0
Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • AppCenter for Windows and macOS [RMSC-1723] [RMSC-1848] [RMSC-1753] [RMSC-1785] [RMSC-1820]
  • Automatic Creation of Packages and Patches for macOS [RMSC-1726] [RMSC-1728]
  • Applications Can Now Be Displayed in Tree-Like Structures [RMSC-1647]
  • Tag Groups, Devices and Packages with Target Operating System [RMSC-1854]
  • The Assignment Dialog Has Been Redesigned [RMSC-513] [RMSC-1550] [RMSC-1832]
  • Two New Options for Package Store Packages Are Available [RMSC-1727]

Other Improvements and Changes:

  • Improved performance of data normalization and enrichment (RayVentory Catalog). [RMSC-1517]
  • When a new inventory is received, the reconciliation engine ensures it is rejected if a newer version of the inventory is already available. [RMSC-1838]
  • When downloading the macOS agent if the backend is configured with HTTPS, the certificate gets downloaded automatically and integrated into the installation sources. During the installation of the agent, the certificate will get installed to the internal store. [RMSC-1786] [RMSC-1788]
  • It is now possible to view packaging options for imported Package Store packages. Previously, these settings were only visible when creating the package. [RMSC-1920]
  • A new scheduling event option "don't rerun option" has been implemented. This option enables for the event to be configured to delay the next run for a certain amount of time once it was successfully executed. This way a short repeat time in combination with a high delay for the next run can be configured to make sure that clients with a short on-time are covered. [RMSC-1812]
  • The device information has been extended by the serial number. It is gathered during the inventory import. [RMSC-1714]
  • New functions have been added to the automation tool.
    • It is now possible to automatically remove a device or package assignment from a group. [RMSC-1703]
    • It is now possible to automatically delete a device or group. [RMSC-1890]
  • A Folder and upload file support has been added for macOS packages which is similar to the folder and upload file supported for windows packages. [RMSC-1796]
  • The logging on macOS agent components has been improved. [RMSC-1690] [RMSC-1836]
  • It is now possible to simultaneously assign multiple devices to a single group. [RMSC-1289]
  • The install state indicator has been improved. In case of overlapping assignments, depending on priority and lifetime specification, the most highly prioritized assignment is identified and used to determine the deployment state value. [RMSC-1356] [RMSC-1877] [RMSC-1846] [RMSC-1813]
  • It is now possible to filter the raw data in the device details view of a macOS device to only display the data within /Applications. [RMSC-1841]
  • The RMS UEM AppCenter documentation for the Windows and the macOS agent has been improved. The documentation can be accessed from within the RMS UEM AppCenter to gain general knowledge about the RMS UEM AppCenter and the functionalities it offers. [RMSC-1917] [RMSC-1911]

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements, refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2023-JUL
Requirements: Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install / upgrade RayManageSoft United Endpoint Manager
Restrictions/Known Issues:

RMSUEM200856: Known Issues in RayManageSoft Unified Endpoint Manager 3.0



Refer to the Implementation Guide for detailed information on how to install / upgrade RayManageSoft United Endpoint Manager

Please note there may be issues when migrating from previous version. Please follow the instructions listed in the Known Issues article.


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