RVY200854: Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.5.5195.87 [Update 4]

Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.5.5195.87 [Update 4]


Type: Full Product


Expanded Cloud Connectors Library and Features [RR-3723]
Cloud connectors have been updated (internal version 2023.1.1). In this release, we added the following new cloud connectors:

  • BMC Discovery [KOT-233]
  • Coda [KOT-224]
  • Confluence [KOT-246]
  • LeanIX SMP [KOT-268]
  • Tanium Asset [KOT-172]
  • USU Oracle Optimization [KOT-181]

Additionally, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • Asana: Extended user and event data. [KOT-209]
  • Azure Compute Inventory: Adjusted default parameters. [KOT-237]
  • Box: Correct spelling of parameters. [KOT-278]
  • CrowdStrike Falcon: Upgraded deprecated device details endpoint. [KOT-334]
  • Google Cloud Compute: Adjusted IP output, region and project separation. [KOT-165]
  • IBM ILMT: new date parameter and dynamic date calculation. [KOT-261]
  • Kubernetes: Add Environment information for Containers. [KOT-210]
  • Okta: Added support for logs endpoint. [KOT-223]
  • Improved display names in several Microsoft, ServiceNow and VMware connectors. [KOT-222]
  • Microsoft Azure connectors now receive subscriptionId for all targets. [KOT-212]
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory now supports SignInActivity. [KOT-269]
  • Microsoft Azure Compute Inventory: Parameter workspace id has been changed to a list. [KOT-221]
  • Microsoft Office 365: Request period for AppUserDetail has been increased from 30 to 90 days. [KOT-240]
  • Proxmox: Server table has been renamed to Metric. [KOT-241]
  • SAP BTP: Endpoint cloudCreditsDetails now returns all phases. [KOT-242]
  • Zoom: Support for OAuth. [KOT-250]

Furthermore, there are various internal stability, performance, and miscellaneous improvements. [KOT-247] [KOT-76] [KOT-201] [KOT-203] [KOT-86]

Performance Optimizations of the Transform Engine
In this release, we improved the performance and resource consumption of the transformation process. Additionally, some data-related issues have been fixed:

  • Joining on null values now returns results which are consistent with typical SQL joining. This also eliminates an issue with “ghost” entries, which could be produced in case of some specific combinations of null values in the joined tables. As a result, this version fixes an important regression introduced in the previous version (12.5 Update 3), where some joining and deduplication operations could lead to timeouts and exhaustion of free disk space. [RR-3737] [ZEN-23196]
  • The deduplication step now returns correct values for column-based deduplication if the benchmark column contains null values and either the Min or the Max strategy is used. [RR-3640] [ZEN-22707]
  • It is now possible to enrich a table with a fallback value only. Additionally, if the enriched column already contains a value, it is not going to be enriched anymore. This makes it possible to use enrichment steps as a placeholder and later easily add more table look-ups once they are available and needed. In previous versions, this behavior had to be simulated with a combination of specifically crafted map and enrichment steps. [RR-3733] [ZEN-23270]

Other Improvements:

  • Based on user feedback, we extended and/or clarified several sections of the product documentation, plus provided more background information for specific use cases. [RR-1908] [RR-3654] [RR-3492] [RR-3491] [RR-3697] [RVS-121] [RVS-142] [RVP-2083] [RVP-2064] [RVP-2068] [RR-3246] [RR-3604] [RVP-2022] [RR-3501] [RR-3727]
  • The selection of the default tenants has been improved (KeyCloak managed sign-in). There is now a new setting InitialTenant which can route new users upon creation to a specific tenant. [RR-3699]

Security Improvements:

  • Updated vulnerable libraries of transitive dependencies in Cloud connectors. [KOT-338] [RR-3723]

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed the creation of AD users under KeyCloak control.
    [RR-3595] [ZEN-22238]
  • Fixed possible timeouts when writing large chunks of data to the SQL Server database. [RR-3769] [RR-3640]
  • Added missing language texts for French and Russian languages. [RR-3647]
  • Fixed rare issues, where a duplication of indexes would be reported when running complex transformations. [RR-3725] [ZEN-23193]
    • Fixed various issues in Cloud connectors: [RR-3723]
    • Atlassian Cloud: Deserialization issue. [KOT-282]
    • Atlassian Jira: Missing e-mail address. [KOT-281]
    • Azure Active Directory: Missing parameter employee ID. [KOT-280]
    • Azure Compute: Exception when fetching a missing resource. [KOT-185]
    • CrowdStrike Falcon: Error HTTP 400 Bad Request when fetching multiple pages. [KOT-290]
    • GitHub: Issues with the parameter minutes_used_breakdown. [KOT-231]
    • Qualys: Timeout issues. [KOT-276]
    • SAP BTP: Fixed issues with ignoring of certificates. [KOT-242]
    • SAP Concur: Resolved naming issues. [KOT-189]
    • Sophos Central: Error HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type. [KOT-308]
    • Tableau: Issues with refresh tokens. [KOT-289]
    • VMware Vcenter: Fixed issues with ignoring of certificates. [KOT-275]
    • VMware vROps: Fixed incorrect descriptions of the authentication parameters. [KOT-259]
Date Published: 2023/06/29
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Data Hub 12.5 User Guide.


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