RVY200823: Known Issue: RayVentory Data Hub 12.5 ignores Oracle instances in transformation process


The default transformation ignores Oracle instances, which leads to them being removed during subsequent deduplication steps.



To mitigate the issue, the name of each Oracle instances has to be added to the default transformation. This can be done manually (via UI) or by importing a complete JSON file, which overwrites the original transformation content with the patched one. Manual change is recommended if any other customizations have been applied to the standard transformation process.


Option 1 (Manual)

1. Go to Transformations:



2. Open the transformation editor:



3. Locate the step named Deduplicate generic software data (number 212 in the standard transformation) and edit it. Add a new column instance_name and save changes:


4. Repeat the same fix for step Format generic software data (number 216 in the standard transformation). Add a new column instance_name and save changes:



5. Restart transformation tasks to transform the data using the newly adjusted logic.


Option 2 (Import JSON file)

Be aware: This method restores default transformation process to the state from vanilla version 12.4 add adds the necessary changes. Any custom changes done in the standard transformation will be lost.


1. Go to Transformations and press Import



2. Select the attached file transformation-steps-definition.json and select the second radio button
(Replace existing transformation steps).


3. Press Import to overwrite the transformation data.

4. Restart transformation tasks to transform the data using the newly adjusted logic.


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