RVY200822: Known issues in RayVentory 12.5

RayVentory Data Hub 12.5

Standard transformation process ignores Oracle instances

Standard transformation process does not respect Oracle instance names. As such, they are treated as duplicates and can lead to incorrect results.

See a detailed description under the following link: 

RVY200823: RayVentory Data Hub 12.5 ignores Oracle instances in transformation process


MariaDB is not configurable in the installer (MSI)

It is not possible to configure or create a Maria DB database. Only SQL Server is supported.

In order to use MariaDB, skip the database creation step during the installation and adjust the configuration before starting the product for the first time. This does not affect Docker-based installation, where the selection of the database type is determined by using a specific environment variable.


Standard reports are not compatible with Maria DB

Standard reports are available in SQL Server flavor only. This is due to a number of auxiliary tasks that perform report optimizations, which are written with SQL Server in mind.

Required tasks have to be rewritten to use Maria DB syntax and target a MariaDB database.


Import of XLS files does not work with Maria DB

For container tasks, it is not possible to import XLS files, when the database type is set to Maria DB.

Convert your Excel files to CSV format, and import CSV files instead.


Some settings may be lost when upgrading (Windows / MSI)

On Windows, when upgrading an existing version of Data Hub server, previous settings like KeyCloak connection or database settings may be lost.

It is recommended to back-up the file and restore it after the installation is finished.


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