RPK200331: RayPack 5.1


Title: RPK200331: RayPack 5.1
Type: Full Product


  • The new PackBot offers the ability to repackage and virtualize applications automatically using a defined set of virtual machines.
  • PackTailor can tailor Windows Installer Instances which are running on virtual machines.
  • PackWrapper, a new wizard for the generation of PowerShell AppDeploymentToolkit wrappers has been added.
  • The Deployment Wizard for SCCM has been enhanced with multiple new functionalities.

For a detailed release information and full list of new features, improvements and resolved issues refer to the Release Notes document.

Date Published: 2017-DEC
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Applies to Version(s):  -
Obsoletes: RayPack 5.0 and earlier
Restrictions/Known Issues:  -
Installation Instructions: To install RayPack follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide
Affects (Modules, Components, etc.): complete product
Linked Tickets/Development Tasks:

Reference number:

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See Release Notes document for more details


Verification Hash (SHA256):

 F4E00A5D9CFEEDB4664A3B362A22C380643F436FBBFF7E3107E0D7781F0A7705 *RayPackStudio-Setup-Full.exe

 A93ECD3EEBBF548B033B51CF34FC48E07307ABA72629E1D7E5F692C8A0117601 *RayPackStudio-Setup-Web.exe

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