RFL200330: How to change time-out values in RayFlow

In case of big data transfers - for example by loading hundreds of tasks on project selection - the default time-out settings of RayFlow can interrupt the running function before it is completed. Related log files then for example show following entry:


This article shows how to change time-out settings of RayFlow if this is needed.


RayFlow Client

The RayFlow Client offers access to the current Timeout setting in its graphical user interface (GUI). The displayed value represents milliseconds, so the default setting 100000 represents a time-out value of 1 minute and 40 seconds:


Please make sure that related time-out span is not bigger than time-out span settings of the server.


RayFlow Server / Web application

The edition of time-out values in server context is possible via related Web.config file that is located in the [INSTALLDIR] folder of RayFlow Server. Here two timeout settings can be changed:

Element name Attribute name Default attribute value [seconds]
forms timeout "2880" (48 minutes)
httpRuntime ExecutionTimeout "7200" (2 hours)

Please note that these both values represent seconds, not milliseconds as the RayFlow Client's "Timeout" setting. 


Timeout edition in <forms> context


For example, raising "2880" value to "3600" will increase related time-out setting to 1 hour.


ExecutionTimeout edition in <httpRuntime> context


For example, lowering "7200" value to "3600" will decrease related time-out setting to 1 hour.

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