MSC200328: How to Recover, Reset, or Receive a Password for your Existing Raynet Support Panel Account

This article is a brief introduction into how to recover a lost password for your Raynet Support Panel account. It does not matter if you have lost your password or not yet setup your credentials even though you already have an existing Support Panel account.


Step 1:



Either select the "Forgot my password" option (marked as 1) if you already had a password but forgot what it was, or the "Get a password" option (marked as 2) if you have an account in the Raynet Support Panel but did not yet setup your password.


Step 2:



Enter the email address that has been used for your Raynet Support Panel Account and click on the "Submit" button.


Step 3:



The message above will now be shown. Close the message and open your mail account. You will now receive an email from the Raynet Support Panel. If you did not receive the email wait a few minutes and refresh your mailbox. If you still did not receive any mail, please check your spam folder and make sure that you do not block emails from the Raynet Support Panel.


Step 4:



Follow the link in the email by copying the URL and pasting the copied URL into your browser.


Step 5:



Enter your new password and click on the "Change password" button. Please make sure that you will be able to recall what your password is. 


Raynet recommends using a password which consists of numeric characters, alphabetic characters, and special characters. Furthermore, you should be using upper and lower case and it should have a length of at least 8 characters.


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