RMS200307: Description of the Password Change Procedure


The adjustment of the permissions can be affected by the following features:


1. SQL connection string:

If a SQL user instead of a trusted connection is in use, the user's password needs to be changed. This can be adjusted within the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion\DatabaseConnectionString



2. Internet Information Services

Open the IIS Manager. Go to the advanced settings of the "ManageSoftAppPool" application pool:





3. SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Open the web console of SSRS http://localhost/Reports.
  • Go to RMSReporting and open the Data Source property:

  •  Update the connection string.


4. Link to reporting:

  • Open the RMS Administration console.
  • Right-click on "Reporting" and then select "Properties":



5. Infrastructure

If a dsitribution server or any of its locations have been configured with credentials, then they will need to have their passwords updated if their associated accounts receive a password change. 

Once the password has been changed, redistribute either the global failover package or individual group failover packages (depending upon how your environment has been setup): 


6. Distribution Servers (including AS):

The password store manager allows RMS/RayVentory administrators to create a store of credentials for use when remotely executing tasks against managed devices. The password store is described in more detail within the Discovery chapter of the RMS Discovery Guide.

To adjust a password on the AS, open the RMS/RayVentory Administration Console, select "Devices", and then go to the 'Settings' tab:


Press the "Open credentials manager" button:


Select the relevant user and change its password:


For all other distribution servers you will need to run this programs executable directly:


If the environment contains a large number of DS's, then it will probably be best to deploy a script that does this via the mgspswed.exe (CLI version).


7. Service Accounts

Obviously, if any RMSi related service is configured to utilize a local or domain user, then that service credentials will need to be updated if a service account receives a password change. 


8. Scheduled Tasks

If any RMSi related scheduled task on either the AS or on any DS utilise a specific account, that users password will need to be changed against the relevant scheduled tasks. 


9. Operator Accounts

RMS/RayVentory console user accounts do not affect the product when their passwords are changed, unless they are of course also utilized in one or more of the previously mentioned areas.


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