RVY200277: Quick Guide to Oracle 9i Database Inventories


At the moment, there is no possibilty to get the content of an Oracle 9i database using the current version of OraTrack. The query of an Oracle 9i database will produce only empty values.


To be able to receive the inventories of an Oracle 9i database it is necessary to use RayVentory 10.4.


  • Java 1.4 or higher

Performing the Inventory Scan

The auth.xml that is needed for the oratrack.jar can either be created by the command listed below or it is possible to use the auth.xml that is created by RayVentory Portal.

java -jar oratrack.jar -o dbhost={server name or address} -o sname ={instance name} -o port={DBPort}


java -jar oratrack.jar -o dbhost=oracle.test.local -o sname=cdb -o port=1521

After the command has been executed, the program will ask for the username and the password. Now, the first inventory will be created together with an entry into the auth.xml. After this, it will be enough to call java -jar oratrack.jar to create a new inventory.

Inventory Import

The option -o path={Repository} can be used to save the inventory data directly in the Import folder.


Java -jar oratrack.jar -o dbhost=oracle.test.local -o sname=cdb -o port=1521 -o path="c:\RayVentory\Incoming\Inventories"

Or if an auth.xml is already existing:

Java -jar oratrack.jar -o path="c:\RayVentory\Incoming\Inventories"

SysDBA User

If a SysDBA User is being used, in addition the -o sysdba=true option has to be added. This has to be taken into account when creating the auth.xml.


java -jar oratrack.jar -o dbhost=oracle.test.local -o sname=cdb -o port=1521 -o sysdba=true


Using this version comes with the following restrictions:

  • Encrypted connection to the Internet Information Server is not possible
  • Single Sign-on does not work
  • Automated search for databases using listner.ora or tnsnames.ora does not work





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