RPK200260: How to manually create the PackBench 4.1.662.219 database

For companies where their SQL Team does not allow database applications to create their own databases, the following steps will be required in order to manually create the PackBench database before the MSI installation is run. 


1.    Manually create its database, and then run the attached schema sql file followed by the attached data sql file against that database (the database name will need to be added to these files before running them).  

2.    Modify and then run the following two queries against the database (the first query specifies the file server and share that you need to create before installing PackBench which will be accessible by all PackBench clients):-  
           UPDATE BenchConfig
           SET [Value] = '\\servername\sharename\'
           WHERE [Name] = 'Directory'

           UPDATE BenchConfig
           SET [Value] = 'http:/servername/rayflow'
           WHERE [Name] = 'RayFlowServer'

3.    The default user for PackBench’s service is the machines NETWORK SERVICE; however, this can be changed to a normal domain user if required.  Either way, this user needs to have at least db_datareader and db_datawrite permissions to the PackBench database, as well as the ‘Log on as a service’ user right assignment on the machine that the PackBench server will be installed on.  

4.    The user that will install the PackBench server needs to have at least db_datareader to PB’s database.  

5.    When installing the PackBench Server, choose the existing database option. 



Note:  The attached sql files were extracted from the MSI's binary table.  In a future version of PackBench, these files will be accessible via an administrative MSI install. 


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