RMS200263: How to slipstream a managed device hotfix into the RMS installation source files


For customers that either do not already have an RMSi installation or wish to create a clean 10.6 test environment, the following steps will allow the newest version of the Distribution and Managed Device packages to be added to the installation source files prior to running the actual product installation, instead of installing the GA version and then implementing the relevant hotfix afterwards. 



This is the first RMSi 10.6 hotfix containing a new managed device version, and is what has been used to create this methodology. 



The existing source files were backed up: 



The existing source files were then overwritten by the RMS-2144 files: 

An MST file was also added to these source files.  One allows the DS installation to target a web site that has ID2, and the other prevents the Application Usage Agent from being installed. 


NDP Modifications

The following adoption agent NDP files were then modified: 



Post Installation

When RMS-2144 was slipstreamed into the installation source files for Deployment Manager, two MST files were also added.  As these files are not known to the code, their associated adoption packages do not contain them, so they need to be added manually: 


Copy "E:\ManageSoft\Repository\Packages\ManageSoft\Upgrade for distribution servers\10.6.0\Rev1.0\Upgrade for distribution servers\WebSite_ID2.mst" to "E:\ManageSoft\Repository\Packages\ManageSoft\ManageSoft for distribution servers\10.6.0\Rev1.0\ManageSoft for distribution servers\msisource\WebSite_ID2.mst".


Copy "E:\ManageSoft\Repository\Packages\ManageSoft\Upgrade for managed devices\10.6.0\Rev1.0\Upgrade for managed devices\MD_no_UsageAgent.mst" to "E:\ManageSoft\Repository\Packages\ManageSoft\ManageSoft for managed devices\10.6.0\Rev1.0\ManageSoft for managed devices\msisource\MD_no_UsageAgent.mst". 


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