RMS200246: How to Upgrade using mgsDatabaseCreate

Previously, after migrating the database of the Administration Server, the msi had to be used to finish the upgrade of RayManageSoft. Even on the Data Server it was necessary to perform a RayManageSoft installation. Now, it is possible to ugrade the Data Server using mgsDatabaseCreate. This can be done by using the following commands:

  • Deployment Manager:

mgsDatabaseCreate.exe -i DeploymentManagerDatabaseCreation.xml -s [ServerName] -d [DatabaseName] -a WindowsNT

  • Security Patch Manager:

mgsDatabaseCreate.exe -i SecurityManagerDatabaseCreation.xml -s [ServerName] -d [DatabaseName] -a WindowsNT

  • OS Deployment:

mgsDatabaseCreate.exe -i OSDeploymentManagerDatabaseCreation.xml -s [ServerName] -d [DatabaseName] -a WindowsNT

The mgsDatabaseCreate.exe can be found in the attached zip file. For example upgrade to RMS 11.0 use the "RMS 11.0.zip".


Please remember to create a backup before upgrading the Data Server using mgsDatabaseCreate!


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