RPK200228: Changing the code page of current template to UTF-8 for Chinese character support

Warning: The following will make changes to the default MSI template. UTF-8 is not supported on Windows XP, it is recommended to make a backup of the default profile and use the changed one only for MSI files that require presence of UTF-8 characters. Windows Installer technology has certain limitations in UTF-8 support (more information under the following link: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/heaths/2005/10/05/msi-databases-and-code-pages/)


1) Go to folder %appdata%\raypack\PackageTemplates

2) Make a copy of file Blank.msi with a new name Blank_Chinese.msi

Note: This assumes that you use a default template. If you have another selection (RayPack settings -> Projects -> Templates) then use that name instead of "Blank.msi"

3) Copy the attached file WiLangId.vbs to this folder

4) Start the following command:

cscript "%appdata%\raypack\packagetemplates\wilangid.vbs" "%appdata%\raypack\packagetemplates\Blank_Chinese.msi" Codepage 65001

This command changes the code page of the MSI file to 65001 (UTF-8)

5) Go to RayPack settings and change the current basic MSI path to the new file Blank_Chinese.msi

6) Save the changes. You can now create an MSI/RPP from an RCP file containing Chinese characters.


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