RVY200817: Update of the RayVentory Inventory Agent (RVIA)

HOW TO UPDATE RVIA on non-windows systems:

With linux you have to use a different command depending on the operating system to uninstall the package first.

For RHEL/CentOS/RockyLinux/Fedora/etc.:

sudo yum remove rvia.x86_64

NOTE: In some distributions, YUM command will not work. In this case, you need to find a command that uninstalls the package on your distribution!


For Debian based systems:

sudo dpkg -r rvia


For Solaris:

sudo pkgrm RVIA



sudo rpm -e rvia


For AIX:

sudo installp -u rvia.rte


For macOS:




The agents crontab schedules will be deleted, so a backup of them should be performed if needed.

The agents rvia.cfg configuration file will not be deleted.


After uninstall you need to install the new version:

The command used for the installation on Linux/Unix machines depends on the operating



sudo installp -aYF -d <package> rvia.rte


sudo dpkg -i <package>


sudo installer -pkg <package> -target /


sudo rpm -ivh <package>


sudo pkgadd -d <path/to/package> RVIA


HOW TO UPDATE RVIA on Windows systems:

With windows, you just need to install the MSI of the newer agent over it. All the settings and schedules will remain.



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