RPB200810: Release Notes: PackBench 7.2.969.649 [Update 2]

Release Notes: PackBench 7.2.969.649 [Update 2]


Titel: RPB200786: PackBench 7.2.969.649

Feature Highlights:

  • Ability to synchronize values with RayFlow BEN-368

Other improvements:

  • Improved sorting of dates in columns Created and Modified. [BEN-374] [ZEN-20329]
  • When PackBench starts, the current language is detected and used as a preferred UI language for PackBench. [BEN-379]


Resolved issues:

  • Fixed an issue, where RayFlow values could be incorrectly mapped to PackBench variables when using localized data field names. [BEN-375] [ZEN-20328]
  • Fixed a regression in version 7.2.955.643, where tasks, started after a task that used newly introduced RayFlow variables, could reuse previous command lines. [BEN-376] [ZEN-20375]
  • Fixed migration and creation scripts to use dbo prefix. [BEN-373]
  • Fixed minor UI issues in the Properties window. [BEN-381]
Data Publeshed:
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: To install PackBench follow the instructions in the RayPack User Guide



Download Location:

FTP Server:







Download from Raynet FTP

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