RVY200808: RayVentory 12.4


Release Notes: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.4


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • Scanning of OpenShift / Kubernetes [RVP-1951] [RVP-1735]
  • Support for Windows Certificate Store on Windows
    [RVP-1374] [ZEN-18859] [ZEN-18262] [ZEN-16154]
  • Whitelisting for SaaS Usage Discovery [RVP-1717] [RVP-1856] [ZEN-18213] [ZEN-18396]

Security Improvements:

  • [INVENTORY AGENT] Fixed a security issue where Inventory Agent could write sensitive information in event log when getting the configuration from Scan Engine. [RVP-1854] [ZEN-19308]
  • [INVENTORY AGENT] Fixed a security issue in Inventory Agent (non-Windows) in which the libraries were referenced by relative, not absolute paths. [RVP-1826] [ZEN-19064]
  • [INVENTORY AGENT] Fixed a security issues in Inventory Agent (rvia) non-Windows shell script, which was using relative paths to binary files. In the new version, all paths are absolute. [RVP-1826] [ZEN-19064]
  • OracleDB scanner (oratrack) no longer uses log4j library. Due to security concerns, the tool has been rewritten by replacing the library with a secure implementation. [RVP-1772] [RVP-1781] [RVP-1782] [RVP-1774]
  • macOS packages for the Inventory Agent are now digitally signed. [RVP-1330] [ZEN-18681]

Other Improvements and Changes:

  • [NDTRACK] Improved scanning for various co-existing versions of MS SQL server by ndtrack. [RVP-1246] [ZEN-19105]
  • [INVENTORY AGENT] The RAM consumption in RVIA has been improved by optimizing code and places where memory leaks could happen. [RVP-1729] [ZEN-18529]
  • Improved descriptions of configuration of remote execution and Hyper-V properties. [RVP-1772] [RVP-1781] [RVP-1782] [RVP-1774] [RVP-1775]
  • Improved recognition and display of operating system logos on the sidebar (Windows Server 2019, 2022 and macOS). [RVP-1760] [RVP-1642]
  • If a DNS name cannot be resolved, the hostname property from VMware API is now used in vSphere scans. [RVP-1758]
  • [ORATRACK] Improved timeout management for long-running java.exe processes, which may happen occasionally when running oratrack in combination with DFUS. [RVP-1869] [ZEN-19289]
  • Improved performance of the device list with large number of computers for subsequent operations. [RVP-1859] [ZEN-19575]
  • Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are now recognized during the AD discovery. [RVP-1884]
  • Many internal improvements to Zero-Touch scanner, optimized usage of commands and improved process handling on certain distributions. This should also resolve sporadic issues on some systems, including but not limited to CentOS 5.4. [RVP-1833] [ZEN-18939]
  • [NDTRACK] Added plugins and additional auxiliary files to the standard NDTRACK Agent installation sources. [RVP-1787] [ZEN-18858]
  • Improved performance of RayVentory Scan Engine UI when loading large number of devices. [RVP-1859]
  • Improved stability and performance of the built-in HTTP server for incoming upload files. [RVP-1925] [RVP-1847] [ZEN-18905] [RVP-1807] [RVP-1925]
  • Improved handling of Cyberark-related errors. [RVP-1708] [RVP-1655]
  • Scanning for OracleDB now supports custom SSH ports. [RVP-1701]
  • Improved scanning and recognition of video controllers on non-Windows systems. [RVP-1747]
Date Published: 2022/10/19
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Scan Engine 12.4 User Guide.


Release Notes: RayVentory Data Hub 12.4


Type: Full Product

Feature Highlights:

  • Single Sign-on and Support for External Identity
    Providers. [RR-80] [RR-2732] [RR-3213]
  • New and Updated Cloud Connectors. [RR-3262] [RR-2968] [RR-3117] [RR-3143]
  • New Way of Browsing the Raw Data. [RR-3200] [RR-3211]
  • Scrollable (Vertical) Dashboards. [RR-3211]
  • Advanced Transformation Editing (JSON). [RR-3057] [RR-3007]
  • Download Log Files from the Task View. [RR-2933]
  • Interactive Viewer of Raw and Transformed Data. [RR-3044] [RR-1115]
  • Extra Information and In-app Help for Cloud Connectors. [RR-2689] [RR-3302]
  • New Default Vulnerability Management Dashboards
    [RR-3046] [RR-2906] [RR-3114] [RR-3075] [RR-3073]
  • New Default OS Reporting Dashboard. [RR-2955]
  • Support for Custom Attributes from RayVentory Catalog. [RR-3047]

Security Improvements:

  • Fixed a security issue with handling of user sessions, which - under rare circumstances - when using the correct timing and certain unlikely preconditions, could lead to an issue known as "session hijacking". [RR-3315] [ZEN-20095]
  • Fixed a security issue (CVSS 3.1 scoring = 4.3) where a user outside the Data Administrator group could access the list of tasks via REST API. [RR-2862]
  • Fixed a possible XSS injection in the history of changes view, where the input from the user was not properly escaped (CVSS 3.1 scoring = 4.6). [RR-3181] [RR-2861]
  • Fixed a possible XSS injection using the file storage (CVSS 3.1 scoring = 4.6). [RR-2860]
  • Removed detailed stack trace from exceptions in case finding a task by table name fails. (CVSS 3.1 scoring = 5.3). [RR-2859]
  • Resolved security issues CVE-2020-9488, CVE-2018-10237, CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2018-1000844, CVE-2018-1000850, CVE-2021-43797 in various cloud connectors. KOT-13, KOT-14, KOT-15, KOT-16, KOT-17, KOT-18

Other Improvements:

  • [DATA TRANSFORMATION] Logs for transformation tasks are now more detailed and easy to follow. For example, executed steps are referenced by their names and each step contains extra information about tables used and produced, the number of input and output rows, etc. [RR-2965] [RR-2992]
  • [DATA TRANSFORMATION] Optimized disk space consumed by the transformation process. Depending on the size and structure of the transformation, up to 80-90% of savings can be expected. [RR-1823]
  • [DATA TRANSFORMATION] When migrating from 12.2 to 12.3 Update 1, the existing transformation definitions will now be automatically migrated to the new format. [RR-2943]
  • [DATA TRANSFORMATION] It is now possible to change the temporary location for transformation files and configure some further diagnostic options. [RR-2999] [RR-2963]
  • [DOCKER] Configuring Docker containers is now much easier thanks to the idiomatic usage of environment variables. Additionally, these changes result in better login performance on both Windows and Docker platform [RR-3004]
  • Various improvements, resolved issues, and improved performance of the following cloud connectors:
    o 15five KOT-62
    o Adobe Admin Console KOT-99
    o AWS Organizations KOT-68
    o Azure SDK COKCON-790 KOT-2
    o Big Query KOT-77
    o Docusign KOT-78
    o Google Cloud KOT-90 KOT-103
    o Intune KOT-72
    o Microsoft 365 RR-3242
    o Microsoft Azure Compute KOT-27
    o Salesforce KOT-73 KOT-50 KOT-89
    o SAP Qualtrics KOT-82
    o Veeva Vault COKCON-791 COKCON-750 KOT-25
    o VMware Airwatch KOT-102 COKCON-767 KOT-9
  • [DEFAULT REPORTS] Many minor tweaks and fixes in the default set of reports. [RR-2792] [RR-2800] [RR-2850] [RR-2900] [RR-2912] [RR-2914] [RR-2947] [RR-2948] [RR-2934] [RR-3301] [RR-3153] [RR-3154] [RR-3137] [RR-3130] [RR-3125] [RR-3122] [RR-3118] [RR-3097] [RR-3089] [RR-3056]
  • Tenant name is now displayed in the top bar next to the username. [RR-2795]
  • Improved handling of reboots by the agent. In this version, if the agent was rebooted during the execution of the task, it will restart the task once the reboot of the operating system is complete. [RR-2727]
  • [ECM CONNECTOR] SCCM connector has been renamed to ECM. [RR-2938]
  • While editing passwords (as parameters to cloud or on-prem connectors), it is now possible to reference variables. [RR-2950]
  • Improved sorting of tasks for a human-friendly sorting of numbers. [RR-2951]
  • On the login page, added a button to remember the user session. Visibility of this switch can be changed in the instance settings. [RR-2954]
  • [ACTIVE DIRECTORY] Improved querying for users by the Active Directory connector. [RR-3026]
  • [DATA TRANSFORMATION] Improved stability, minor improvements and resolved minor issues in the transformation editor UI. [RR-2918] [RR-2925] [RR-2926] [RR-2978] [RR-2913] [RR-2917] [RR-2924] [RR-2920] [RR-3088] [RR-3013] [RR-2979] [RR-2986] [RR-3030] [RR-3039] [RR-3053] [RR-3112]
  • Added automatic clean-up of task history entries. This setting is configurable from the configuration file / docker environment variables. [RR-3041]
  • It is now possible (although not recommended) to use SMTP servers without authentication. [RR-3105]
  • A new option Move to pa rent has been added to the Task context menu. [RR-3092]
  • Updating of cloud connectors is now possible without re-installing the product. This change is available for consultants and designed for better change management and testing. [RR-3160]
  • [CATALOG] It is now possible to define a fixed timeout for Catalog operations. [RR-3228]
  • Improved memory consumption of reports with huge number of sites. [RR-3191]
  • Improved contrast and colors in USU Discovery Data Hub. [RR-3346] [RR-3347]
  • Internal standard reports optimizations. [RR-3337]
Date Published: 2022/10/19
Requirements: Refer to the Release Notes document for Hardware and Software requirements
Restrictions/Known Issues:

RVY200809: Known issues in RayVentory Data Hub 12.4.4971.66: Logout with KeyCloak-based authentication

Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions for the installation can be found in the RayVentory Data Hub 12.4 User Guide.



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